Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Friday ;)

Such a beautiful day this morning, allthough it was freezing when I got up at 6am. It's sooooo cold that early in the morning! So I'm starting this early as to ensure I capture the items I have for today :) I might just crash after work today because I'm exhausted with the 6am days!

  1. How amazing the talent is within Mark Wahlberg. He really has surprised me over the years with the different roles. I watched "The Lovely Bones" last night and thought he did a great job. Not to mention how cute he is ;)
  2. The girl that gets ready in the morning at my work gym - every day she runs through the same routine to get herself ready. I watch her absentmindedly as I get ready and think about her routine. Her simple steps every day without fail inspire me to find a way to change it up for her. How I love to shake things up sometimes - even in a little way like that. Hehe :) Hey, she should enjoy getting out of the box sometimes - it'll help her adapt :)
  3. OK I have to get this out of the way. I am very grateful computers came into this world, and in particular my world in 1982. I still love computers today and never grow tired of the possibilities that the IT world has available. Each and every day I am thankful that I know what I love to do and am able to do it for a living. I know many other people still are trying to figure it out.

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