Sunday, June 6, 2010

Back again (finally)

Boy it's hard for me to keep this going regularly! I'm back again determined to get this in - and to make this more of a habit!

  1. The priviledge to watch the beautiful and talented Amanda Seyfried as a singer and an actor. I loved her in "Mama Mia" and she was good in "Dear John" too. She to me is like a young Julia Roberts. She makes me feel inspired that a real girl can do anything because to me, she just seems like an average girl. She lights up the screen when she is performing and it looks like it's her shining through.
  2. The fact that Oprah is one of the Minerva winners this year. I am always inspired when I listen to one of her soul series podcasts. I really feel uplifted from her encouragement.
  3. Todd F. He's been bugging me to get off my butt and do something with my Masters... And I am formulating a plan now - today. Not just a "I'd like to do..." again. A real plan!
  4. My daughter's tremendous emotional awareness and honesty she takes with her every day. I am reminded of it today when I reread what she wrote to me for Mother's day. She is so much like me I have to laugh sometimes - she's pretty headstrong too, like her mother.. lol
  5. I have to say I surprised myself today. I got a lot accomplished today and I am in gratitude of myself for pushing through the "I cant's" to move ahead.

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