Thursday, April 22, 2010

What about today!

Oh Boy today I'm in a funky mood so I don't know how many things I'll write. But I promised myself 5 so lets get going!

  1. I love online banking. It makes it so easy to check whats going on without any interaction with a person. The best part - IT'S FREE!!
  2. Claudia at the Gas Company was so helpful today - she's great and efficient. She got things going for me 4 days earlier than they are supposed to. Yay Claudia!
  3. Pat was great today, promptly calling me back and giving me the information I needed. VERY thankful, as I know he is super busy!
  4. John is wonderful and keeps us kosher. He really looks out for us and I appreciate it with all he has going on.
  5. I was honored yesterday for some help I gave to the Sales team with their website. I thought it was a very kind gesture for them to give me a silver award. Yay!
  6. For believing in me - ya I said it ME. I've been feeling inadequate lately but this week I have pushed through that and I have discovered things others have missed and completed things much faster than I expected. GO ME!

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