Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Friday ;)

Such a beautiful day this morning, allthough it was freezing when I got up at 6am. It's sooooo cold that early in the morning! So I'm starting this early as to ensure I capture the items I have for today :) I might just crash after work today because I'm exhausted with the 6am days!

  1. How amazing the talent is within Mark Wahlberg. He really has surprised me over the years with the different roles. I watched "The Lovely Bones" last night and thought he did a great job. Not to mention how cute he is ;)
  2. The girl that gets ready in the morning at my work gym - every day she runs through the same routine to get herself ready. I watch her absentmindedly as I get ready and think about her routine. Her simple steps every day without fail inspire me to find a way to change it up for her. How I love to shake things up sometimes - even in a little way like that. Hehe :) Hey, she should enjoy getting out of the box sometimes - it'll help her adapt :)
  3. OK I have to get this out of the way. I am very grateful computers came into this world, and in particular my world in 1982. I still love computers today and never grow tired of the possibilities that the IT world has available. Each and every day I am thankful that I know what I love to do and am able to do it for a living. I know many other people still are trying to figure it out.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

What about today!

Oh Boy today I'm in a funky mood so I don't know how many things I'll write. But I promised myself 5 so lets get going!

  1. I love online banking. It makes it so easy to check whats going on without any interaction with a person. The best part - IT'S FREE!!
  2. Claudia at the Gas Company was so helpful today - she's great and efficient. She got things going for me 4 days earlier than they are supposed to. Yay Claudia!
  3. Pat was great today, promptly calling me back and giving me the information I needed. VERY thankful, as I know he is super busy!
  4. John is wonderful and keeps us kosher. He really looks out for us and I appreciate it with all he has going on.
  5. I was honored yesterday for some help I gave to the Sales team with their website. I thought it was a very kind gesture for them to give me a silver award. Yay!
  6. For believing in me - ya I said it ME. I've been feeling inadequate lately but this week I have pushed through that and I have discovered things others have missed and completed things much faster than I expected. GO ME!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How many things can I think of?

So today is day one of the gratitude journal. The purpose of this exercise is to identify those things that I am grateful for 'on paper'. My goal is to collect at least 5 per day.

So here goes for today:

  1. My colleague Dan who loves words like I do - shared a fantastic new resource to learn more words and improve my vocabulary.
  2. Today when I went out for lunch I was happy to note that it was NOT raining :)
  3. This morning's meeting with International colleagues went fantastic and I was very articulate and influential.
  4. I completed several tasks today that I was not sure I would be able to finish given the amount of work I needed to do.
  5. This morning a colleague which I never talk to made a connection with me on my Mammoth Poster in my cube. This is great for awareness :)