Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Today's 5

  1. Rob Thomas, your song 'My, My, My' is amazing. I love it - and am so thankful you wrote it :)
  2. Musiq Soulchild, your song 'Don't change' is so beautiful. I am creating a love like that. Gorgeous - very thankful :)
  3. I'm excited I have so many ideas going on in my head of stuff to do. The hard part is deciding what to do first!! Very thankful for that ;)
  4. Arielle has a job, and is living with roomates now. Thankful she is moving forward, and encouraging her to continue to grow and finish the things she needs to do.
  5. Creation is pretty awesome. I am very thankful we have the ability to create the life we want to live. In particular, I'm starting off with the Valley's Biggest Loser challenge starting in September and am getting my team together to help me create my outside to match my view of me I have in my head :)

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