Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Five things today:

The wonderful friends I have in my life who drop their things to be there for me. I had four friends who did just that last night and I just am incredibly grateful for them. What a different life it is for me than 5 years ago - when I had no friends and dealt with everything on my own. So incredibly thankful :)

The fabulous watermelon martini's at the Yardhouse, yum! They are dangerous ;)

My beautiful daughter Ashley, she's so much like me yet has her own self. She is so perceptive!

David E. Talbert's "What my Husband Doesn't know" play - I really enjoyed it last weekend :)

This random musician I met in LA last weekend, and his candid perceptions shared with me about how I am my own woman and how rare that is. Totally unexpected, but very nice to hear :)

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