Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My entry in the Great Giveaway...

Our family reunions have always been eclectic and fun. A must for these reunions was a giant potluck where all the adults in the family would bring their favorite dishes. As a child, it was so fun to try each and every one of these wonderful contributions. My fondest memory, however, was one year in which all my great aunts, uncles, grandmother, grandfather and many adult cousins come together and created a cookbook to share all this great food passed throughout the family through the years. Peppered through the book were stories of how recipes came to be, funny contributions by people in the family who didn't know how to cook, and most of all the recipes that have stood the test of time within my family. That year, I went around to all the authors of this book and asked them to autograph it. I’ll never forget the stories each one of them shared as they signed my book and laughed together. Today, there is one brother still left out of the original 9. But I still feel like they are all here every time I take out the cookbook and make a favorite dish.

Heather Gray (40) :)

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